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This website has been set up to give information on scars and their treatment.  There is a great deal of information on various web sites, but we have tried to only deal with information from clinicians and evaluate all the potential evidence.  All information on this web site is checked by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, with the aim to provide real information that will help you understand the facts about scarring and provide information on treatments that are proven to work. 

"Abnormal scars can cause unplesant symptoms and can be asthetically distressing, disfiguring and psychosocially and functionally disabling" BMJ 2003

We would encourage you to share your experiences and stories with everyone so that people can get reassurance that there is help and treatment available for disfiguring scars.

This website has been possible due to an Educational grant provided by Sinclair Pharmaceuticals, providers of Kelo-Cote scar Gel.  We would like to thank Sinclair Pharmaceuticals for thier generous support.

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